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Terms and conditions 

This agreement was last modified on 6th July 2021

This user agreement defines terms and conditions which you accept by using our services or our website. Please read them carefully before you start using the site. By clicking to accept or agree to our Terms of Service, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Terms of Service, Freelance Professors Payment terms, and our Privacy Policy.

To use Freelancer Professors’ website either as a freelancer or an employer, your account must be approved and the required identification documents verified by our team.

English is the original language for these Terms of Service as well as other texts throughout the site. In case of conflicts between this original English version and any translations, the English version shall prevail.

Account” means the account associated with your email address.

Employer” means a user that purchases services from sellers (freelancers) through the website. A user can be both a seller and a buyer under this agreement.

Freelancer” means a user that sells services to buyers through the website.

We,” “our,” “company,” or “us” means Freelance Professors

“User,” “you,” or “your” means an individual who visits or uses the website.

“Verified account” means the user account has been verified under our Customer and Identity Verification Policy.

Website” means the website operated by Freelance Professors and available at https://freelanceprofessors.com.


You’ll not use the site if you:

  1. Are unable to enter into legally binding contracts.
  2. Are suspended from using the site.
  3. Do not hold valid identification documents, i.e., Driver’s license, passport, or Government-issued ID.
  4. Do not hold a valid email address.
  • All user accounts are associated with individuals. Login credentials must never be shared with other users. The user associated with the account will at all times be held responsible for all actions taken by the account.
  • No one individual shall have more than one account with the Freelance Professors website. Any violation of this condition shall lead to immediate termination of the said user accounts.
  • We may, at our discretion, decline to register an individual as a user.
  • You shall not transfer or assign any obligations or rights you have under this agreement.

Using Freelance Professors

While using the site, you must not attempt or do any of the following:

  • Fail to deliver payment for services delivered to you;
  • Fail to deliver services purchased from you;
  • Infringe any laws, our policies, or third-party rights;
  • Post offensive, false, deceptive, or misleading content or information;
  • Transfer your Freelance Professors account to another party;
  • Distribute viruses and other technologies that may harm Freelance Professors’ website and its users;
  • Harvest and distribute users’ information without their consent;
  • Copy, modify, or distribute Freelance Professors’ content, copyrights, and trademarks;

Fees and services

  • We charge fees for listing projects, tasks, and featured profiles. Review and accept the fees you will be charged when using a service that has a fee. Check out our fees schedule, which may change from time to time.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all charges are quoted in US Dollars.


  • You are responsible for paying any taxes applicable to your jurisdiction.
  • By accepting our Terms of Service when registering an account with us, you acknowledge that you’ll comply with income tax provisions in your jurisdiction.

Communication with other users

  • Communication with other users must be conducted through the communication channels provided on the website. Freelancer Professors will not be responsible for any loss for transactions done outside the platform.
  • Sharing any contact information, including your email address, Skype ID, or other communication channels, is highly prohibited.
  • We may, at our discretion, read all correspondence and submissions made through our platform and download or access all uploaded files for the purposes of investigating fraud or resolving a dispute.

Account Balance

  • Your account will show a positive balance if you have prepaid for fees or services provided to you via the site. If you’re a seller, your account balance will be positive if you have successfully sold a service or completed a project and funds have been released to you.
  • You’re not entitled to any interest or other earnings for money in your account.


  • All withdrawals will be made to the payment method you gave during signup. You must contact customer support in case you want to change your payment method.
  • We may, from time to time, impose minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts.


  • We use your information as defined in our Privacy Policy. We’ll use your name and personal details you provide for identity purposes in the course of conducting business on the Freelance Professors’ marketplace. This will include purchase orders and invoices.


  • You will indemnify Freelance Professors against any demand or claim, including legal costs and fees, made against us by third parties due to your breach of this agreement or your infringement of any rights or laws of third parties in the course of using our website and services.
  • We can apply funds in your account against liabilities or losses suffered by us due to your non-performance or breach of this agreement.


  • You must notify the Freelance Professors Support Team of any unauthorized access or security breach to your account or the website. In this connection, remember to do everything possible to avoid unauthorized access, including preserving the evidence.
  • You’re solely responsible for securing your account’s password. We will not be liable for any loss arising from unauthorized access to your account due to your failure to secure your login password. You must never share your login details with others.